What is another word for left field?

Pronunciation: [lˈɛft fˈiːld] (IPA)

Left field is a phrase commonly used in English to describe something that is unexpected or unusual. It has its origins in baseball, where the left field is the farthest field from home plate and often requires a long throw to reach. Synonyms for left field include out of the ordinary, eccentric, peculiar, offbeat, quirky, idiosyncratic, unconventional, off-the-wall, bizarre, and strange. These words all suggest something that is not a typical or expected part of a situation or conversation. Left field can also be used to describe a person who is difficult to understand or predict, hence the use of synonyms like unconventional and eccentric.

What are the hypernyms for Left field?

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What are the hyponyms for Left field?

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What are the holonyms for Left field?

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What are the opposite words for left field?

The term "left field" refers to something unexpected or unconventional. Its antonym is "right down the middle," which refers to something predictable and standard. Another antonym for "left field" is "mainstream," which refers to popular, conventional ideas or trends. "Safe bet" is another antonym for "left field," meaning a decision that is low-risk and predictable. A "conservative" approach is also an antonym, which refers to a cautious and traditional method of decision-making. Overall, the antonyms for "left field" all relate to the concept of predictability and conventionality.

What are the antonyms for Left field?

Famous quotes with Left field

  • It's like a novelist writing far out things. If it makes a point and makes sense, then people like to read that. But if it's off in left field and goes over the edge, you lose it. The same with musical talent, I think.
    Johnny Cash
  • The way those clubs shift against Ted Williams, I can't understand how he can be so stupid not to accept the challenge to him and hit to left field.
    Ty Cobb
  • Mel is nuts. He puts on a suit and a tie and acts like a normal person so people think he's okay. He's definitely out in left field. He's got the ambition of a boy.
    Dom DeLuise
  • It's off the leg and into the left field of Doug Radar.
    Jerry Coleman

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