What is another word for unfitting?

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[ ʌnfˈɪtɪŋ], [ ʌnfˈɪtɪŋ], [ ʌ_n_f_ˈɪ_t_ɪ_ŋ]

Unfitting is an adjective used to describe something that is inappropriate, unsuitable, or not fitting. There are many synonyms for unfitting, including improper, inappropriate, unsuitable, incongruous, and unfit. Other synonyms include unseemly, misfitting, unsuited, discordant, and out of place. These words all convey a notion of unsuitability or unfitness, but each has its own nuances. For instance, "improper" suggests a failure to adhere to accepted norms or conventions, while "unsuitable" implies a lack of match between something and its intended purpose. Regardless of the specific term used, unfitting generally implies a sense of incongruity or absence of fit between a thing and its context, whether that be an outfit, a remark, or an action.

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How to use "Unfitting" in context?

The word "fitting" is often used to describe a garment or accessory that is in line with the person's style. However, in some cases, the garment or accessory does not fit the person properly. This can be due to many reasons, including the size, shape, or style of the garment or accessory. When a garment or accessory does not fit, it is often called an "unfit" or "inappropriate" fit.

There are many reasons a garment or accessory is an "unfit" or "inappropriate" fit.

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