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The word "tract" has various synonyms that can be used depending on the context. For instance, the word "region" can be used to describe a particular area or section of land. Another synonym for tract is "zone" which refers to a specific area or region that has distinct boundaries. Similarly, the word "terrain" means the type of land surface that exists in a particular area. Alternatively, the word "territory" can be used in reference to a specific geographic area that is controlled by a particular group or country. Lastly, the word "province" can signify any of the parts into which a country is divided for administrative purposes, hence making it another synonym for "tract".

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How to use "Tract" in context?

A tract is a narrow strip of land, typically less than a mile wide, that is used as a farm field or as a subdivision or road strip. Tracts can also be found near large cities, where they are used to expand cities into the countryside.

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