What is another word for garbage?

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Garbage, or waste, is something that is commonly generated in households, offices, and public places. There are various synonyms for garbage that can be used, depending on the context. Some of these synonyms include trash, rubbish, refuse, litter, scrap, debris, junk, and waste. Trash and rubbish are often used interchangeably with garbage, while refuse is typically used to describe waste products that are not biodegradable. Litter, scrap, and debris usually refer to smaller items of garbage, such as paper, plastic, and broken materials. Junk is commonly used to refer to discarded items that are no longer useful, while waste is a more general term used to describe any kind of discarded material.

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The word "garbage" generally refers to waste, rubbish, or trash. The antonyms of the word "garbage" include valuables, treasure, and assets. Other antonyms for garbage include cleanliness, hygiene, and neatness. If something is not considered garbage, it is often seen as valuable or useful. Another antonym for garbage is recycling, which involves turning waste into new and useful products. In some cases, composting can also be an antonym for garbage, as it involves turning biodegradable waste into nutrient-rich soil. Ultimately, the opposite of garbage is anything that is considered useful, valuable, or worth saving.

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Usage examples for Garbage

I don't suppose the streets have been cleaned or the garbage removed from the back yards since the place was first-founded.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower
The door swung open, letting out a long shaft of yellow light for an instant, showing up in sharp silhouette a chair, a table, some garbage, and a startled cat.
William McFee
Barker's Court was not inviting to-day, with its piles of garbage, and wet clothes hanging about like so many miserable ghosts.
"In Wild Rose Time"
Amanda M. Douglas

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