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The word 'lung', meaning the vital organ for respiration, has several synonyms that can be used in different contexts. Some of these synonyms for the word 'lung' include pulmonary, respiratory, thoracic, and pneumonic. 'Pulmonary' refers to the lungs as part of the respiratory system, while 'respiratory' pertains to the act of breathing. 'Thoracic' refers to the chest cavity where the lungs are located, while 'pneumonic' specifically deals with lung diseases. Other synonyms for the word 'lung' include alveoli, bronchi, and trachea, which are the components that make up the lungs. These synonyms can aid in clearer communication, especially in medical contexts.

How to use "Lung" in context?

The lungs are organ in the thorax that breathe air for the body. They are made up of many small sacs and cartilages that work together to transfer air from the atmosphere into the body and to expel air from the body.

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