What is another word for ticker?

Pronunciation: [tˈɪkə] (IPA)

Ticker is a word mostly used for a device that displays the price and volume of traded securities. It is sometimes said as a stock ticker. There are several synonyms for the word ticker, including stock tape, stock indicator, trading tape, financial ticker, market ticker, and stock market ticker. These synonyms are frequently used in the financial industry and stock market reports. In several modern applications, the term ticker is also used as a news ticker, where users can receive the latest news, sports scores, and stock prices in real-time. Regardless of the objective, the word ticker remains significant for keeping tabs on the latest market developments.

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    • body
      internal organ, viscus.

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What are the opposite words for ticker?

The word "ticker" has several antonyms, including "static," "motionless," "immobile," and "stationary." These words describe the opposite of ticker, which is typically associated with movement and activity. In the context of finance, a ticker is a device that displays the current prices of stocks and other financial instruments. Therefore, the antonyms of ticker could be used in the financial world to describe a market that is stable and not experiencing any significant changes or fluctuations. In contrast, the word ticker is often used to describe an active and dynamic market that is constantly changing.

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Usage examples for Ticker

Breen was standing by the ticker when Jack entered.
"Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero"
F. Hopkinson Smith
"I'll pawn my ticker at noon," promised the Boarder, "and bring home something for dinner."
"Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley"
Belle K. Maniates
Over whose ticker are you getting quotations that I come cheap?
"The Vertical City"
Fannie Hurst

Famous quotes with Ticker

  • I guess what surprised me the most was the discrepancy in casualties: Iraq, one hundred fifty thousand casualties, USA: seventy-nine! Let's go over those numbers again, they're a little baffling at first: Iraq: 150,000, USA: 79. Does that mean we could have won with only 80 guys there? Just one guy in a ticker-tape parade, "I did it! Hey!"
    Bill Hicks

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