What is another word for kidney?

Pronunciation: [kˈɪdnɪ] (IPA)

Kidneys are one of the vital organs in the human body, responsible for filtering wastes and excess fluids from blood. When it comes to synonyms for the word "kidney," some common options include renal, nephritic, and urinary. Renal is derived from the Latin word renes, meaning "kidneys," and refers specifically to the kidneys' role in filtering blood. Nephritic comes from Greek nephros, also meaning "kidney," and is used to describe conditions that affect the kidneys, such as nephritis. Finally, urinary refers to the kidneys' role in producing urine, which is then expelled from the body.

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  • Other hypernyms:

    excretory organ, internal organ, organs, urinary organ, Glomerular organ, Renal organ, human organ.

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  • hyponyms for kidney (as nouns)

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What are the opposite words for kidney?

The word "kidney" is a noun that refers to a vital organ in the human body responsible for filtering metabolic waste products from the blood. The antonyms for the word "kidney" include words that are not related to organs or body parts at all. Examples of these antonyms are "brain," "heart," "foot," and "hand." Other antonyms may include descriptive words such as "artificial," "synthetic," "fake," or "imitation," which refer to objects or substances that are not natural, unlike a kidney. Additionally, words such as "useless," "unimportant," or "trivial" are antonyms that describe something insignificant or of little value, which a kidney certainly is not.

Usage examples for Kidney

Spread the crumb mixture over thin slices of bacon and wrap each slice of bacon around a small kidney.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
Myrtle Reed
Add a kidney which has been soaked for five minutes in boiling salted water and cut into squares.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
Myrtle Reed
Make to a smooth paste with beaten egg, spread the mixture on thin slices of bacon, and place a small kidney on each.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book"
Myrtle Reed

Famous quotes with Kidney

  • African Americans make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population but comprise 32 percent of patients treated for kidney failure, giving them a kidney failure rate that is 4.2 times greater than that of white Americans.
    Xavier Becerra
  • Individuals with kidney disease who are able to obtain treatment early experience a higher quality of life and are able to maintain more of their day-to-day activities, including keeping their jobs.
    Xavier Becerra
  • Twenty million more have Chronic kidney Disease, where patients experience a gradual deterioration of kidney function, the end result of which is kidney failure.
    Xavier Becerra
  • Dedicated researchers seek better treatments and cures for diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer's and every form of cancer. But these scientists face an array of disincentives. We can do better.
    Michael Milken
  • Once my doctor began treating my kidney disease, my greatest challenge was the constant exhaustion. Fortunately, my doctor explained that anemia was causing my exhaustion and that people with serious illnesses, like kidney disease, may be at increased risk for anemia.
    Alonzo Mourning

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