What is another word for militaristic?

Pronunciation: [mˌɪlɪtɑːɹˈɪstɪk] (IPA)

Militaristic, a word describing an attitude or philosophy that emphasizes or exalts the importance of a strong military, can be expressed in a number of synonymic terms. Terms such as martial, combative, hawkish, bellicose, aggressive, and warlike are all appropriate substitutions for militaristic. These terms, though similar in meaning, imply slightly different nuances. For instance, hawkish suggests an aggressive stance specifically towards foreign policy, whereas aggressive or combative refer more broadly to forceful actions or communication regardless of the context. Whether used in discussing foreign policy, political strategy, or personal behavior, synonyms for militaristic add depth and variety to language when used in place of the word itself.

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What are the hypernyms for Militaristic?

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What are the opposite words for militaristic?

"Militaristic" refers to a belief or policy that prioritizes the use of military force and aggressive tactics in managing and resolving conflicts. The antonyms for "militaristic" include peaceful, diplomatic, pacifistic, and demilitarized. Adopting a peaceful approach in managing disputes and conflicts is an alternative to militaristic strategies, promoting dialogue and cooperation. A diplomatic approach involves seeking compromise and collaboration with different parties, rather than resorting to force. Pacifism is a belief in prioritizing non-violent solutions to problems, while demilitarizing involves reducing military presence and power in a given region. By embracing these opposing values, individuals and organizations can promote balance, fairness, and advocacy for the wellbeing of all parties involved.

What are the antonyms for Militaristic?

Usage examples for Militaristic

It was as the result of these ideas that Mr. Wilson preached the crusade against militaristic and autocratic Germany, who wanted to achieve the mastery of the world.
"My Three Years in America"
Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff
The substance of this book which aroused the ire of the German authorities was first set forth in a lecture before a group of young people in 1906, for it is Liebknecht's belief that in the hands of the younger generation of Germany lies the hope of salvation; let them be impregnated, he would say, with the right social ideals before militaristic training has an opportunity to do its work, and there will be little danger of domination by the war lords, or of the fruition of the war lords' aims.
"The Future Belongs to the People"
Karl Liebknecht
Conscription was militaristic under the Czar, but it cannot be under a Trotzky, for he has labeled his system a Soviet Republic and since Soviets are never military their military arrangements, though apparently more severe than the other kind, are really only a form of pacifism!
"The Red Conspiracy"
Joseph J. Mereto

Famous quotes with Militaristic

  • As a young man, every bone in my body wanted to pick up a machine gun and kill Germans. And yet I had absolutely no reason to do so. Certainly nobody invited me to do the job. But that's what I felt that I was trained to do. Now no part of my upbringing was militaristic.
    Pete Townshend
  • Kerouac was "locked in the Cold War and the first Asian debacle" in "the gray, chill, militaristic silence, … the intellective void … the spiritual drabness.
    Jack Kerouac
  • Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary ideology, insofar as it is fundamentally aristocratic, and aristocratic and militaristic elitism cruelly implies contempt for the weak. Ur-Fascism can only advocate a popular elitism. Every citizen belongs to the best people of the world, the members of the party are the best among the citizens, every citizen can (or ought to) become a member of the party. But there cannot be patricians without plebeians.
    Umberto Eco

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