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"Fierce" is a strong and powerful word which means exhibiting great intensity or aggression. However, there are many other synonyms which can be used in its place. Some of these synonyms include "ferocious", "intense", "savage", "unyielding", "merciless", "violent", "unrelenting", and "vicious". These words all convey a similar degree of intensity and aggression as "fierce". Other words with similar meanings include "brutal", "ruthless", and "cutthroat". Depending on the context in which the word is used, it may be more appropriate to use one of these synonyms instead. Regardless of the choice of word, none of them can match the ferocity and intensity seen in nature.

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    How to use "Fierce" in context?

    Fierce is a powerful word that can either trigger feelings of amazement or terror in those who hear it. Lately, fierce has been used a lot in the media and popular culture. It seems to be popping up everywhere, from new movie titles like "The Predator" to social media handles like "The Fierce Cowboy." But what does this word really mean?

    To some, a fierce animal is one that is strong and respected. For example, lions are often considered to be fierce animals because of their size and strength. on the other hand, to others, a fierce animal might be one that is aggressive and dangerous.

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