What is another word for militant?

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The word "militant" commonly refers to someone who is aggressive or combative in their beliefs or actions. Some synonyms for "militant" that convey similar meanings include "radical", "extremist", and "fanatical". Other words with this connotation include "zealous", "assertive", and "advocate". However, it's important to note that while these words may have similar meanings, they also carry different connotations. For instance, "zealous" or "assertive" can be used to describe someone who is enthusiastic about advocating for their beliefs, whereas "fanatical" or "extremist" have more negative connotations of going to dangerous or violent extremes to assert one's beliefs.

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How to use "Militant" in context?

Militant reflects the qualities of someone who is passionate and committed to their cause. The term carries a positive connotation because it implies someone who is willing to work hard for the benefit of their community or organization. A militant person is constantly striving to improve their situation, and is not content to sit on the sidelines.

Militancy is often associated with the radical left, but it can also be found on the right. Progressives believe that change is possible only through activism and collective action, while conservatives are often more individualistic and marginalize activism and organized labor.

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