What is another word for gladiatorial?

Pronunciation: [ɡlˌadɪɐtˈɔːɹɪəl] (IPA)

The term "gladiatorial" is often associated with ancient Roman games that pitted armed combatants against one another in a vicious fight to the death. However, there are several other words that can be used to describe this type of battle, including combat, fighting, dueling, and skirmish. Other synonyms for "gladiatorial" include competitive, militant, aggressive, confrontational, and combative. These words all suggest an intense battle that is waged with great vigor and determination, and they can be used to describe a wide range of competitive activities, ranging from sports to business to politics. By using these synonyms, writers can convey a sense of strength, dominance, and toughness that is associated with gladiatorial combat while still maintaining a sense of civility and respect for their opponents.

Synonyms for Gladiatorial:

What are the hypernyms for Gladiatorial?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for gladiatorial?

The word gladiatorial refers to something that is related to or reminiscent of the ancient Roman gladiators. The antonyms for gladiatorial can be described as non-violent, peaceful, or gentle. These opposites of gladiatorial include diplomatic, cooperative, harmonizing, collaborative, and conciliatory. These words signify a more peaceful and mutually beneficial approach to conflict resolution. In contrast to gladiatorial, these words promote a more compassionate and empathetic response to disputes. They suggest a more mature and thoughtful way to handle differences between individuals or groups. By using these antonyms, we can create a more kind and respectful dialogue, leading to a more progressive and positive outcome.

Usage examples for Gladiatorial

This multitude followed with languid interest the gladiatorial displays, the chariot races; even a fierce duel between two yellow-haired barbarians evoked not a single cry.
James Huneker
Julius Caesar had encouraged or permitted Roman senators and knights to fight in the gladiatorial combats, and a Laberius to act in his own play.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill
The walls and columns were covered with inscriptions and rude sketches of gladiatorial life.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill

Famous quotes with Gladiatorial

  • The demolition derby is, pure and simple, a form of gladiatorial combat for our times.
    Tom Wolfe

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