What is another word for bellicose?

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Bellicose is an adjective that describes someone who is aggressive and warlike in their behavior. There are several synonyms for the word, which include belligerent, combative, pugnacious, militant, and hostile. These words describe someone who is ready and willing to fight, argue, or engage in conflict. Bellicose synonyms are often used to describe people who are confrontational or aggressive in their approach. These words are commonly used in politics, where politicians may be labeled as bellicose if they take a strong and aggressive stance on an issue. In literature and film, characters who exhibit bellicose behavior may be cast as villains or anti-heroes.

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    Bellicose is defined as having or showing a ready disposition to fight or be aggressive. Its antonyms would include peaceful, tranquil, pacific, calm, and amicable. These words are used to describe individuals who do not harbor any hostility towards others and are willing to find a peaceful resolution to conflicts. A person who is described as peaceful will avoid confrontation; they are known for being calm under pressure and are more likely to take a diplomatic approach to resolving a dispute. Tranquil and pacific are similar to peaceful and represent a state of calmness, where there is a distinct lack of aggression or strife. Amicable means to have a friendly or cooperative relationship with others, which is the opposite of being bellicose or combative.

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