What is another word for combative?

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If you are looking for synonyms for the word "combative," you can consider words like aggressive, antagonistic, feisty, contentious, bellicose, militant, pugnacious, confrontational, belligerent, contentious, and quarrelsome. These words indicate a tendency towards fighting or engaging in conflict, either physically or verbally. Combative people often have a strong desire to win and can be argumentative or even hostile towards others. It is important to use these words correctly and in the appropriate context since they can have negative connotations and can be interpreted as aggressive behavior. Choose your words wisely and use them strategically to get your point across without offending others or escalating a potentially volatile situation.

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    Fighting is a regular part of life for many animals. Even among social creatures such as chimpanzees, violent conflicts are common, mediated by quick and decisive action. However, there are also social animals that use aggression sparingly, such as gorillas. This difference in aggression has been attributed to differences in combative repertoire (the breadth and variety of aggression used by an animal). For example, chimpanzees are known to engage in well-planned, coordinated raiding attacks on small primate communities, while gorillas are less likely to do so. In addition, the combative repertoire of different animals can also be representative of their evolutionary histories.

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