What is another word for multi-hued?

Pronunciation: [mˈʌltɪhjˈuːd] (IPA)

Multi-hued means having many different colors or hues. It is often used to describe a vibrant and colorful setting, landscape, or painting. Synonyms for multi-hued include variegated, polychromatic, kaleidoscopic, iridescent, colorful, bright, diverse, and many-colored. These words can be used to add more depth and specificity to descriptions of color. For instance, variegated emphasizes the mixed and varied nature of the colors, while iridescent suggests a shimmering quality. Using synonyms for multi-hued can help writers create more vivid and nuanced descriptions that capture the essence of the colors they are describing.

What are the hypernyms for Multi-hued?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for multi-hued?

The word "multi-hued" refers to something that has many colors or shades. Its antonyms would refer to something that is either monochromatic or colorless. Some of these antonyms would be black and white or simply gray. Others could include words like monochrome, achromatic, or colorless. These words describe things that are devoid of any vibrant color or variety of shades. They may also suggest a lack of interest or excitement, as anything that is monochromatic or colorless might be seen as dull or uninviting. In contrast, "multi-hued" suggests a vibrancy and liveliness that draws the eye and captures attention.

What are the antonyms for Multi-hued?

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