What is another word for motley?

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[ mˈɒtlɪ], [ mˈɒtlɪ], [ m_ˈɒ_t_l_ɪ]

Motley is a word that can be described as diverse, varied, mixed, and colorful. It is often used to depict diversity among people, cultures, or things. Synonyms for motley include hodgepodge, eclectic, varied, diverse, patchwork, disparate, mingled, heterogeneous, multicolored, and variegated. Hodgepodge refers to a mixture of unrelated things, eclectic is used to describe a collection of different styles or influences, and patchwork refers to a quilt made of many different fabrics. Disparate is used to describe things that are fundamentally different, and mingled refers to things that are intermixed or blended together. Heterogeneous is used to describe things that are different in nature, and multicolored refers to something that has many colors. Finally, variegated is used to describe something that is varied or diversified in appearance.

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How to use "Motley" in context?

Since time immemorial, the term "motley" has been used to describe a collection of unwanted or disparate items. This definition is especially apt when applied to trucks and their cargo. When a truck is loaded with a motley assortment of objects - from lumber to animal cages - its driver calls it "motley."

Some might find the term derogatory, but truck drivers take great pride in their "motley" cargo. It's a sign of their resourcefulness and ingenuity. And, in the eyes of many, it makes their trucks look cool and unique.

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