What is another word for colored?

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The word "colored" refers to something that is hue or pigment. However, in modern language use, "colored" is no longer commonly used to describe people or races. Instead, alternative words such as "people of color" are preferred. As for other synonyms, we can use "tinted," "dyed," "stained," "shaded," or "hued," to refer to colors in a general sense. "Multi-colored," "variegated," "rainbow-colored," "striped," "spotted," or "speckled" can also be used to describe various patterns of colors. It is important to keep in mind that language changes over time, and it is always essential to remain respectful and sensitive to cultural groups.

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    Colored is an adjective used to describe something that has different colors. These colors may be natural, such as skin color, or they may be added with paint, ink, or dye. Most colored things are made from a mixture of two or more colors. This is why some things, like fabrics, are not colorless.

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