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Mixed, a term which describes something that comprises of different elements, can be replaced with various synonyms. One of the synonyms for mixed is 'blended', which refers to the process of combining two or more substances homogeneously. Another synonym for mixed is 'assorted' which implies that different kinds of things are brought together in a group. Similarly, another word for mixed is 'diverse' which suggests a wide range or variety of things, without being limited to a particular type. 'Hybrid' is a synonym that means a combination of two or more different things, and 'miscellaneous', often used to describe a collection of diverse things, is also a synonym for mixed.

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How to use "Mixed" in context?

When you think of mixed race, what images come to mind? Probably things like Jamaican reggae singer Ziggy Marley or Brazil's mixed martial artist Anderson Silva. But what about mixed race people who look nothing like those pictures? Mixed race people come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have stories to tell.

Mixed race is something that we all experience, no matter what color our skin is. And while our appearance may not always match our racial background, that doesn't mean our mixed race identity is any less real.

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