What is another word for swab?

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Swab is a verb that can be used to describe the action of cleaning or wiping with a piece of absorbent material. There are several synonyms for swab that can convey similar meanings. Terms like dab, wipe, mop, sponge, and clean can all be used interchangeably with swab. For instance, instead of saying "swab the spill" one could say "clean the spill" or "wipe the spill". Each one of these synonyms conveys the same idea of cleaning and wiping away unwanted liquid or debris. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with these synonyms in order to widen your vocabulary and communicate effectively.

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    The word swab can be defined as cleaning or wiping with a small piece of absorbent material. In the context of medical testing, swabbing refers to collecting samples of bodily fluids or tissues. The opposite of swabbing can be, not cleaning, but contaminating or leaving the subject untouched. The antonym of "swabbing" is "unclean," "dirty," or "neglected." Similarly, in the case of hygiene, the antonyms of "swabbing" can be "unclean," "messy," or "neglected." Vocabulary is essential in conveying the exact meaning of a message, so knowing the antonyms of a word like "swab" is beneficial for effective communication.

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    Usage examples for Swab

    But let me swab you off a little.
    "Shorty McCabe"
    Sewell Ford
    It is, eh, you wall-eyed deck swab?
    "Shorty McCabe"
    Sewell Ford
    The next second he caught sight of Audrey, and transformed himself instantaneously into what she had hitherto imagined a chauffeur always was; but in those few moments she had learnt that the essence of a chauffeur is godlike, and that he toils not, neither does he swab.
    "The Lion's Share"
    E. Arnold Bennett

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