What is another word for put aside?

Pronunciation: [pˌʊt ɐsˈa͡ɪd] (IPA)

When you need to express the idea of setting something aside for later use, there are a few different words and phrases you can use instead of "put aside." One option is "save," which implies that you are preserving something for future use or avoiding using it all at once. "Store" is another good option, suggesting that you are putting something away in a safe place for long-term storage. "Reserve" is another alternative, implying that you are setting something aside specifically for a particular purpose or occasion. Finally, you might use the phrase "set aside" itself, or look for synonyms like "dedicate" or "earmark.

What are the hypernyms for Put aside?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the hyponyms for Put aside?

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What are the opposite words for put aside?

Put aside is a common phrase that refers to the act of setting something apart or saving it for later. However, there are several antonyms for this phrase that have different meanings. One antonym is "bring forward," which means to move something to the forefront or to present it in a more visible way. Another antonym is "take out," which describes the act of removing something from its current location or bringing it to the forefront. A third antonym is "use up," which implies that there is no need to set something aside because it will be used immediately or will not be needed in the future. Each of these antonyms offers a different perspective on the concept of putting something aside.

What are the antonyms for Put aside?

Famous quotes with Put aside

  • Let's put aside the politics and trust the people. Let's embrace the unique opportunity we all have; take the heat and make the hard and difficult decisions, knowing that we're doing it to make things better for the people of Illinois.
    Rod Blagojevich
  • Memory, so complete and clear or so evasive, has to be ended, has to be put aside, as if one were leaving a chapel and bringing the prayer to an end in one's head.
    Harold Brodkey
  • You have to take a huge loss financially to do a play. You have to put aside the commercials and the speeches and the other things that put money on the table, and really save up to do it. And that's what I've done here. But it's worth it to me to be in a really good play.
    Dixie Carter
  • Let us have but one end in view, the welfare of humanity; and let us put aside all selfishness in consideration of language, nationality, or religion.
    John Comenius
  • It's a really unfair world because life is, where I am; all day long we listen to American music. So I don't see why the radios in the U.S. cannot even put aside one hour a day just to play music that is not American.
    Miriam Makeba

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