What is another word for nubile?

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[ njˈuːba͡ɪl], [ njˈuːba‍ɪl], [ n_j_ˈuː_b_aɪ_l]

The word nubile is often used to describe a young woman who is ready for marriage or sexual relationships. However, some people find the term sexist or outdated. Synonyms for nubile include mature, blossoming, marriageable, fertile, and of marriageable age. Other options include youthful, vibrant, and attractive. The word ripe can also be used to describe a young woman who is sexually mature. These synonyms are appropriate for describing a young woman who has reached sexual maturity, without objectifying her or reducing her to her reproductive potential. It is important to choose language that is respectful and empowering, and to avoid terms that perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

Synonyms for Nubile:

How to use "Nubile" in context?

Nubile (n-yuu-ble, ny-b-i-lee, ny-b-i-lee) is a young, unmarried woman with either a full or partial physical maturity.

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