What is another word for bonny?

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"Bonny" is an adjective that is often used to describe a person, place or thing that is attractive, charming or pleasing to the eye. Some of the well-known synonyms for the word bonny are gorgeous, beautiful, lovely, pretty, stunning, charming, appealing, and attractive. Other common synonyms include delightful, enchanting, adorable, cute, handsome, graceful, and elegant. Some lesser-known, but equally apt, synonyms include winsome, captivating, beguiling, fetching, and ravishing. The word bonny is often used in Scottish or British English, and it is also commonly used to describe a woman who is fair-skinned, slender, and with dark hair. In essence, the synonyms for bonny sum up everything that is visually appealing and that catches the eye.

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    Bonny is a Scottish word meaning "pretty, attractive".

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