What is another word for one-upmanship?

Pronunciation: [wˈɒnˈʌpmənʃˌɪp] (IPA)

One-upmanship, a term coined in the 1950s, refers to the act of outdoing or surpassing someone else, often in a competitive or confrontational manner. Some synonyms for one-upmanship include "bragging," "showboating," "posturing," "outranking," and "outclassing." In a more positive light, synonyms for one-upmanship could include "excelling," "surpassing," "outshining," and "rising to the occasion." However, it is important to remember that one-upmanship in its negative connotation often leads to a toxic and unproductive atmosphere, as it perpetuates a never-ending cycle of competition and comparison. Success should not be validated at the cost of others, rather it should be celebrated through personal growth and meaningful achievements.

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Famous quotes with One-upmanship

  • Consciously giving up the last word is a secret prayer because the you that wants the last word isn't really at all...it's that dark spirit of one-upmanship, that dark spirit of combativeness.
    Guy Finley

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