What is another word for cutthroat?

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[ kˈʌtθɹə͡ʊt], [ kˈʌtθɹə‍ʊt], [ k_ˈʌ_t_θ_ɹ_əʊ_t]

Cutthroat is a word that often evokes images of ruthless competition or violence. However, there are many other words that can convey similar meanings without the negative connotations. One synonym for cutthroat is competitive, which suggests a healthy drive to succeed without resorting to unethical behavior. Or, if the focus is on the intensity rather than the competition, fierce or intense could be used. To describe someone with a devil-may-care attitude willing to take risks, the word maverick is a good choice. On the more negative end of the spectrum, terms like ruthless or mercenary convey similar meanings as cutthroat, but with more distinctly negative connotations.

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    How to use "Cutthroat" in context?

    The word "cutthroat" is defined as someone who is ruthless in their pursuit of results and is unwilling to compromise or tolerate any competition. A cutthroat individual is often unbridled in their actions and is not afraid to take whatever steps necessary to achieve their goals. This can be a very effective way of achieving success, but it can also be a dangerous approach if not handled correctly.

    When dealing with others, a cutthroat individual is often unafraid to use tactics such as intimidation or threats.

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