What is another word for partakers?

Pronunciation: [pˈɑːte͡ɪkəz] (IPA)

Partakers refer to people who share in or participate in something, but there are many synonyms to describe such action. These synonyms include sharers, contributors, participants, joiners, collaborators, associates, members, partners, companions, supporters, allies, and team players. Each of these words conveys a slightly different meaning, highlighting a unique aspect of participation. For instance, contributors tend to emphasize the act of providing something, such as contribution to a project. In contrast, participants focus on being involved in an event or activity. Regardless of the precise meaning, all these words emphasize an essential concept of being a part of something, highlighting the importance of collaboration in various settings.

What are the hypernyms for Partakers?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for partakers?

Partakers refer to people who share or participate in something. The antonym of partakers is non-partakers, which are those who do not participate or share in something. In contrast to partakers, non-partakers are people who remain detached from activities and events around them. They neither contribute nor benefit from what is being shared or participated in. Non-partakers can be seen as individuals who prefer to remain in the background or opt-out of social engagements. While partakers can be seen as outgoing and active, non-partakers can be perceived as passive or introverted. Therefore, the antonym of partakers, which is non-partakers, is a term that highlights the choice of some individuals to remain uninvolved in certain activities or events.

What are the antonyms for Partakers?

Usage examples for Partakers

And unless we contribute our part to the production of these goods, we have no moral right to be partakers of the fruits.
"Practical Ethics"
William DeWitt Hyde
Thus her generosity made her a partaker of her children's happiness, and whoever partakes of a pleasure has his share of it, and comes into contact-not only with the happiness-but with the other partakers of that happiness-a divine kind of interest for generous deeds, which we may all appropriate.
"The Maid of Maiden Lane"
Amelia E. Barr
A great many amusing incidents occurred during the first hour of the action, that, undoubtedly, have afforded many hours of enjoyment to the partakers.
"The Rhode Island Artillery at the First Battle of Bull Run"
J. Albert Monroe

Famous quotes with Partakers

  • Such a tendency has the slave-trade to debauch men's minds, and harden them to every feeling of humanity! For I will not suppose that the dealers in slaves are born worse than other men—No; it is the fatality of this mistaken avarice, that it corrupts the milk of human kindness and turns it into gall. And, had the pursuits of those men been different, they might have been as generous, as tender-hearted and just, as they are unfeeling, rapacious and cruel. Surely this traffic cannot be good, which spreads like a pestilence, and taints what it touches! which violates that first natural right of mankind, equality and independency, and gives one man a dominion over his fellows which God could never intend! For it raises the owner to a state as far above man as it depresses the slave below it; and, with all the presumption of human pride, sets a distinction between them, immeasurable in extent, and endless in duration! Yet how mistaken is the avarice even of the planters? Are slaves more useful by being thus humbled to the condition of brutes, than they would be if suffered to enjoy the privileges of men? The freedom which diffuses health and prosperity throughout Britain answers you—No. When you make men slaves you deprive them of half their virtue, you set them in your own conduct an example of fraud, rapine, and cruelty, and compel them to live with you in a state of war; and yet you complain that they are not honest or faithful! You stupify them with stripes, and think it necessary to keep them in a state of ignorance; and yet you assert that they are incapable of learning; that their minds are such a barren soil or moor, that culture would be lost on them; and that they come from a climate, where nature, though prodigal of her bounties in a degree unknown to yourselves, has left man alone scant and unfinished, and incapable of enjoying the treasures she has poured out for him!—An assertion at once impious and absurd. Why do you use those instruments of torture? Are they fit to be applied by one rational being to another? And are ye not struck with shame and mortification, to see the partakers of your nature reduced so low? But, above all, are there no dangers attending this mode of treatment? Are you not hourly in dread of an insurrection? [...] But by changing your conduct, and treating your slaves as men, every cause of fear would be banished. They would be faithful, honest, intelligent and vigorous; and peace, prosperity, and happiness, would attend you.
    Olaudah Equiano
  • For when God said, “Let there be light, and there was light,” if we are justified in understanding in this light the creation of the angels, then certainly they were created partakers of the eternal light which is the unchangeable Wisdom of God, by which all things were made, and whom we call the only-begotten Son of GodFor evil has no positive nature; but the loss of good has received the name “evil.”
    Augustine of Hippo
  • Men may one day feel that they are partakers of a common nature, and that true freedom and perfect equity, like food and air, are pregnant with benefit to every constitution.
    William Godwin

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