What is another word for partaker?

Pronunciation: [pˈɑːte͡ɪkə] (IPA)

Partaker is a somewhat formal word that is mostly used in literary contexts. It means someone who takes part in something, especially something enjoyable or beneficial. In the place of partaker, we may use other synonyms like participant, contributor, collaborator, sharer, associate, joint owner, partner, co-worker, member, constituent, participant, contributor, assistant, accomplice, compatriot, cohort, colleague, co-creator, comrade, ally, confederate, or helper. All these synonyms have a similar meaning of someone who contributes or takes part in something. Select the appropriate synonym depending on the context and tone of your writing.

What are the hypernyms for Partaker?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
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What are the hyponyms for Partaker?

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What are the opposite words for partaker?

The word "partaker" means someone who participates or shares in something. The antonyms for this word are those that denote the opposite meaning. Some of the antonyms for "partaker" are abstainer, spectator, non-participant, observer, and outsider. An abstainer is someone who consciously chooses not to participate or take part in something. A spectator is someone who watches an event or activity without actively participating. A non-participant is a person who is present but not involved in the proceedings. An observer is someone who watches carefully but does not participate, while an outsider is someone who is not included in the group or activity. Using these antonyms can add depth and variety to your vocabulary and writing.

What are the antonyms for Partaker?

Usage examples for Partaker

If with the gift the man welcomes your counsel, follows your advice, adopts your ideal, and becomes partaker in your determination that he shall become as industrious, and prudent, and courageous as a man in his situation can be, then whether you give him little or much material assistance, every cent of it goes to the highest work in which wealth can be employed-the making a man more manlike.
"Practical Ethics"
William DeWitt Hyde
And if men are once more fain to rend from humanity that great assurance, which for ages, amid all shocks, has made the frail creature of the dust to grow strong and firm and fearless, partaker of the Divine Nature, what will they give us in its stead?
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick
Or standing a partaker of the danger of Julia on the dreadful precipice?
"Anna St. Ives"
Thomas Holcroft

Famous quotes with Partaker

  • I am spectator, not partaker, here. To me it seems more like a pageant made To represent mirth, than the mirth itself.
    Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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