What is another word for remark?

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Remark, meaning a spoken or written comment, has a host of synonyms that can be used interchangeably in various contexts. Observation, statement, comment, and note all share a similar meaning to remark. Other synonyms include opinion, view, impression, input, and feedback. These words can be used to express an idea, a diagnosis, or an analysis. In addition, the terms suggestion, point, and advice, provide alternatives to remark when giving guidance or counsel. In conclusion, there are numerous synonyms for the word remark, and each provides a unique nuance that can be utilized to enhance writing and conversation.

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    One of the many pitfalls in English for learners is making the common mistake of using the word "remark" when what they really mean is "comment." For example, if a student says to a friend, "I really like your new haircut," they may mean to say "I like your new look," but they might mistakenly say "I remark your new haircut." In this case, their comment would be meant as a recommendation to their friend, but since they used the word "remark" instead, it would come off as a judgmental remark.

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