What is another word for see to?

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[ sˈiː tuː], [ sˈiː tuː], [ s_ˈiː t_uː]

"See to" is a phrasal verb that means to attend to or take care of something. Synonyms for this term include manage, handle, oversee, attend, tend to, address, look after, and take care of. These words express the action of being in charge of something, taking responsibility for it, and making sure that it is taken care of properly. These synonyms can be used interchangeably with "see to" in various contexts, from personal tasks like cleaning or errands to professional tasks like managing a team or a project. Using synonyms for "see to" can help vary the language and avoid repetition in writing and conversation.

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How to use "See to" in context?

The phrase "see to" comes from the old English word "tecken," meaning "to attend to," "to take care of." The verb "see" is from the Proto-Germanic root "sakan," meaning "to see." We use the verb "see" to mean "view," "notice," or "look at." To "see to" something is to take care of it or to ensure its proper functioning.

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