What is another word for pickax?

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[ pˈɪkaks], [ pˈɪkaks], [ p_ˈɪ_k_a_k_s]

A pickax is a tool with a pointed end on one side and a flat end on the other, used for breaking rocks or soil. There are several synonyms for this tool, such as pick, mattock, adze, hoe, and grub hoe. A pick is similar to a pickax but has only one pointed end. A mattock is a similar tool but has a broad, flat end like a hoe. An adze also has a pointed end on one side but has a curved blade for shaping wood. A hoe is a flat-bladed tool used for cultivating soil and cutting weeds, while a grub hoe is a similar tool but with a broader and heavier blade for digging and breaking up tough soil.

Synonyms for Pickax:

How to use "Pickax" in context?

The pickax is a simple but powerful tool that has been used for centuries to extract valuable materials from the ground.Characteristics of a proper pickax include a long, thin shaft and a pointed end that is used to break up the ground. The pickax can also be used for other tasks such as digging, cutting, or even breaking bricks or tiles.

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