What is another word for snips?

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Snips are a type of cutting tool used to cut thin materials such as paper, fabric and wire. Synonyms for snips include scissors, shears, clippers, cutters, trimmers, and snippers. Scissors refer to any cutting tool that has two blades with a pivot point in the center, while shears have thicker, longer blades and are used for cutting thicker materials. Clippers and cutters typically refer to larger, heavy-duty tools used for cutting metal or thick plastic. Trimmers and snippers are smaller, lightweight tools used for trimming and shaping. Whatever tool you choose, make sure to use it safely and with care.

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Snips are pieces of text or other content that can be easily cut or copied and pasted into a new document or edited in a text editing program. Snips can be used for many purposes, including taking notes, recording ideas, clipping web pages for later reference, and compiling a personal to-do list. Snips can be created automatically or manually, and can be inserted into any text or document.

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