What is another word for position paper?

Pronunciation: [pəzˈɪʃən pˈe͡ɪpə] (IPA)

A position paper is a document that sets out the writer's opinion on a particular issue. There are a number of synonyms for position paper, such as policy paper, briefing paper, position statement, white paper, and discussion paper. A policy paper is similar to a position paper, but it focuses more on the practical implications of a particular policy. A briefing paper is a shorter version of a position paper that is designed to provide information to decision-makers. A position statement is a brief, clear statement of the writer's position on a particular issue. A white paper is a more formal document that provides detailed information on a particular topic. A discussion paper is a document that presents different viewpoints on a particular issue.

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What are the hypernyms for Position paper?

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