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Deposition is a term used in various fields such as law, geology, and chemistry to describe different actions. In law, deposition refers to the testimony of a witness under oath, and synonyms include testimony, statement, and declaration. In geology, deposition means the settling of sedimentary rock materials, and synonyms include sedimentation, accumulation, and precipitate. In chemistry, deposition means the transition of a gas or vapor into a solid, and synonyms include sublimation and condensation. Other synonyms for deposition include placement, installation, and positioning. Depending on the context, different synonyms can be used to describe the act of deposition.

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Deposition is a legal term that refers to the process of giving testimony under oath. It typically involves a witness being questioned by attorneys in a formal setting. The opposite of a deposition would be an informal conversation or an unsworn statement. Some antonyms for deposition include conversation, dialogue, discussion, chat, talk, and communication. Another possible antonym is silence, as someone who is not testifying or providing information could be described as being "deposition-free." Other antonyms might include ignorance, denial, refusal, concealment, and evasion, as these describe behaviors and attitudes that are opposed to the frank openness required in a deposition.

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These, there can be no question, are lines of deposition-the rounded stones have evidently not been formed and accumulated all at once, but piled up gradually, layer upon layer.
James Geikie
In the latter rock the layers of deposition, though frequently numerous, are yet separated from each other by some considerable distance, it may be by a few inches or by many yards.
James Geikie
All are talking of the social deposition of the beautiful Mrs. Bingham.
"The Maid of Maiden Lane"
Amelia E. Barr

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