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An edict is a formal decree or announcement made by a person in authority. Synonyms for edict include decree, proclamation, directive, command, order, mandate, instruction, rule, regulation, and announcement. All of these words convey the idea of an authoritative statement that must be followed. A decree is a formal and authoritative order that has the force of law. A proclamation is a public declaration or announcement of an important matter. A directive is a specific order or instruction given by someone in authority. A mandate is an official order or commission to do something. An instruction is a direction or guidance given for a specific purpose.

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How to use "Edict" in context?

1. An edict is a formal decree or order issued by a governing body. It may also be a law, regulation, or decree issued by a monarch, president, or other head of state. 2. Edict can also refer to an authoritative utterance by a wise elder or an expert in a particular field.

3. The term "edict" persisted into English from Late Latin, edictum. It is derived from the Latin verb edicere, meaning "to proclaim, to speak out". 4.

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      enactment, order-in-council.
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