What is another word for proportionality?

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Proportionality refers to the idea that the relationship between two or more variables or quantities should be balanced and harmonious. There are several synonyms for proportionality, including balance, symmetry, coherence, homogeneity, and correspondence. Balance implies a state of equilibrium and harmony, while symmetry refers to a mathematical or geometrical relationship that is balanced and even. Coherence suggests a logical and consistent connection between different parts of a system, while homogeneity refers to the uniformity and consistency of a group or population. Correspondence suggests a matching or fitting relationship between two or more things. These synonyms all convey the idea of proportionality, that is, a sense of harmony, balance and consistency in relationships.

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    The antonyms for the word "proportionality" are disproportionality and imbalance. These two words refer to situations where the amount or size of something is not in the correct or expected proportion to other factors. Disproportionality implies that some part of a system or process is overrepresented or underestimated, which can lead to unfair or unjust outcomes. On the other hand, imbalance indicates a lack of equilibrium or balance in a system or relationship, which can also cause problems. In both cases, the opposite of proportionality represents a deviation from what is considered appropriate or desirable in a given context.

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    Usage examples for Proportionality

    The recognition, therefore, of any such law of proportionality, is superseded by the more comprehensive principle, in which as much of it as is true is implicitly asserted.
    "A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2)"
    John Stuart Mill
    The very idea of distributive justice, or of any proportionality between success and merit, or between success and exertion, is in the present state of society so manifestly chimerical as to be relegated to the regions of romance.
    John Stuart Mill
    The constant k is the proportionality constant and is negative when the quantity in question decreases; c is commonly positive; e 2.178....
    "Manhood of Humanity."
    Alfred Korzybski

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