What is another word for congruity?

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Congruity is a term used to describe a state of consistency or harmony between two or more things. Synonyms for congruity include coherence, consistency, harmony, conformity, agreement, accord, correspondence, compatibility, integrity, and unity. These terms all refer to the idea that things should be in a state of agreement with each other, whether that be in terms of their appearance, behavior, or beliefs. For example, a painting might exhibit congruity if its colors and composition are consistent with the artist's intended message. Similarly, a person might exhibit congruity if their actions and words are in alignment with their core values and principles.

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    The word "congruity" refers to the quality of being in agreement or harmony with something. Some antonyms of this word that indicate a lack of congruity or harmony include: incongruity, inconsistency, disparity, discrepancy, disunity, and incompatibility. Incongruity refers to the quality of being out of place or not fitting in with something. Inconsistency is the lack of reliability or steadiness in behavior or quality. Disparity refers to the inequality or difference between two or more things. Discrepancy indicates a difference or disagreement between two or more facts or pieces of information. Disunity refers to the absence of harmony or agreement between people or things. Incompatibility suggests the inability of two or more things to exist or function together.

    Usage examples for Congruity

    The stove stood modestly sheltered, as it were, in its new position, its features softened to almost a sitting-room congruity; it did not thrust itself obtrusively forward, and force its homely association upon you; it was low, too, and its broad top looked smooth and enticing.
    "We Girls: A Home Story"
    Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
    But Nature laughs at man's ideas of congruity; remembering that, he could only hold his hands against his eyes and try to press the image of Aurora out of existence.
    "Aurora the Magnificent"
    Gertrude Hall
    And this, like Emma, resolutely abstains from even the slightest infusion of startling or unusual incident, of "exciting" story, of glaring colour of any kind: relying only on congruity of speech, sufficient if subdued description, and above all a profusion of the most delicately, but the most vividly drawn character, made to unfold a plot which has interest, if no excitement, and seasoned throughout with the unfailing condiment-the author's "own sauce"-of gentle but piquant irony and satire.
    "The English Novel"
    George Saintsbury

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