What is another word for imbalance?

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The word "imbalance" stands for disproportion or inequality between two or more things. There are several other synonyms that convey similar meanings such as unevenness, asymmetry, disparity, disproportion, inequality, irregularity, lack of equilibrium, and skewness. Unevenness refers to something that is not uniformly distributed or having irregular variations. Asymmetry implies a lack of symmetry, whereas disparity means a significant difference or gap between things. Disproportion signifies a relative lack of balance or fairness. Similarly, irregularity means something which is not regular in shape, size, or pattern. Lack of equilibrium refers to a state of instability or imbalance, and skewness conveys a lack of uniformity or balance between two values.

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How to use "Imbalance" in context?

Some people believe that the world is out of balance. This can refer to either an economic, or personal balance. They feel that something needs to be done to restore equilibrium.

On the economic side, some feel that the world is becoming too centralized. For example, there is a concern that too much wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few. Additionally, some argue that trade is not being fair enough. They say that the benefits are not being evenly shared.

On the personal side, some people believe that there is too much stress in the world.

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