What is another word for disproportion?

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[ dˌɪspɹəpˈɔːʃən], [ dˌɪspɹəpˈɔːʃən], [ d_ˌɪ_s_p_ɹ_ə_p_ˈɔː_ʃ_ə_n]

Disproportion is a word that represents something that is unequal or lacking balance. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this situation. One word that can be used in place of disproportion is disparity. This word suggests a significant difference between two or more things that are being compared. Another synonym is imbalance, which describes a lack of symmetry or proportionality. Inequity is also a synonym for disproportion that describes an unfair or unjust situation. Finally, asymmetry is another word that can be used to describe disproportion, which suggests a lack of balance, symmetry, or proportion.

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    Disproportion is a term that denotes an inequality or imbalance in size, shape, or amount. In the realm of antonyms, the opposite of disproportion is proportion, which implies a harmonious balance or equal distribution of elements in a given entity. Other antonyms to disproportion can be adequacy, sufficiency, fairness, and equity. Adequacy refers to a condition where the amount or quality of something is sufficient to meet the requirements, whereas sufficiency indicates a level of adequacy that is fit or appropriate for a particular situation. Fairness relates to the equal treatment or impartiality of individuals or entities, whereas equity denotes a condition of balance, justice or impartiality in the distribution of property or resources.

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    Usage examples for Disproportion

    But when Benton's attention was firmly fixed on the accomplishment of something comparatively trivial, his dogged, stubborn, and unyielding earnestness drew him into making efforts of which the disproportion to the result aimed at was rather droll.
    "Thomas Hart Benton"
    Theodore Roosevelt
    The extraordinary feature of such belief is the disproportion between its vividness and the direct evidence for it.
    "The Approach to Philosophy"
    Ralph Barton Perry
    Her sensitive perception of beauty and grandeur was so much greater than her power of grasping and comprehending them, that her poor little mind became oppressed and bewildered by the disproportion between the vividness with which she received new impressions, and her ability for seizing their meaning.
    "My Little Lady"
    Eleanor Frances Poynter

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