What is another word for residue?

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When it comes to the word residue, there are a variety of synonyms available to use in place of this word. Some similar words include remainder, leftover, remnant, excess, and vestige. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, but they are all related to the idea of something left over or remaining after something else has been removed or used up. For example, the remainder might refer to what is left after a calculation or the last bit of food on a plate after a meal. Whichever synonym you choose to use, they all have the same point: something left behind.

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    How to use "Residue" in context?

    Most people think of "residue" as leftover food or dirt. In fact, residue can mean anything that is left after something is done. Residue can be something as simple as a fingerprint, hair, or piece of skin. It can also be something as important as evidence in a crime scene. Residue can be a clue that helps solve a crime. It can also be a lead that helps identify a victim or a suspect.

    Residue can be found in any type of environment. Whether it's in a kitchen, a crime scene, or a lab, residue can help solve a crimes.

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