What is another word for pugnacity?

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Pugnacity is a word that refers to a tendency for aggression or combativeness, but there are many synonyms that capture different nuances of this trait. Some possible synonyms include belligerence, bellicosity, truculence, combativeness, hostility, aggression, confrontationalism, fighting spirit, and warrior-like attitude. Each of these words conveys a slightly different shade of meaning, from a general inclination towards conflict (aggression) to a specific readiness to fight (warrior-like attitude). Depending on the context, one synonym may be more appropriate than another, but they all reflect a similar underlying tendency towards contentiousness and a willingness to engage in conflict.

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Pugnacity refers to someone's aggressive, combative and confrontational nature. The word antonym means the opposite. Therefore, the antonyms for pugnacity would be calmness, peace, gentleness, and meekness. People who have a peaceful nature usually avoid conflicts and try to resolve disputes through dialogue and understanding. Similarly, gentleness reflects kindness and compassion towards others, whereas meekness showcases humility and submissiveness. These traits showcase the opposite of pugnacity and are appreciated in people who can communicate without violence and conflicts. In short, being antonyms of pugnacity, these characteristics are integral to the development of a harmonious and cooperative society.

Usage examples for Pugnacity

It certainly is a pretty pass when one knocks down the ex-husband and the brother of the woman he loves, and quite without the least suspicion of an inherited pugnacity.
"A Fool and His Money"
George Barr McCutcheon
He was an Irishman with all his race's pugnacity, and also its effervescence.
"The Struggle for Missouri"
John McElroy
There was in him none of the fiery zeal of Lyon, or the relentless pugnacity of Grant; apparently these qualities were so absent in him that he did not know how to deal with them in others.
"The Struggle for Missouri"
John McElroy

Famous quotes with Pugnacity

  • In modern eyes, precious though wars may be they must not be waged solely for the sake of the ideal harvest. Only when forced upon one, is a war now thought permissible.Modern war is so expensive that we feel trade to be a better avenue to plunder; but modern man inherits all the innate pugnacity and all the love of glory of his ancestors.
    William James
  • There are who mistake the spirit of pugnacity for the spirit of piety, and thus harbor a devil instead of an angel.
    John Lancaster Spalding
  • He was under the middle height; and his lower limbs were small in comparison with the upper, but neat and well-turned. His shoulders were very broad for his size; he had a face, in which energy and sensibility were remarkably mixed-up, an eager power checked and made patient by ill-health. Every feature was at once strongly cut, and delicately alive. If there was any faulty expression, it was in the mouth, which was not without something of a character of pugnacity... The head was a particular puzzle for the phrenologist, being remarkably small in the skull; a singularity he has in common with Lord Byron and Mr Shelley, none of whose hats I could get on.
    John Keats
  • Four years ago a large part of the civilised world laboured under certain biological fallacies which may, in a sense, be held responsible for the extent and duration of the present conflict. These fallacies, which were the foundation of pacifism and other pernicious forms of social and political radicalism, dealt with the capacity of man to evolve mentally beyond his former state of subservience to primate instinct and pugnacity, and to conduct his affairs and international or interracial relations on a basis of reason and good-will. That belief in such capability is unscientific and childishly naive, is beside the question.
    H. P. Lovecraft
  • The current rampages of territorial-emotional pugnacity sweeping this planet are not just another civilization failing … They are the birth-pangs of a cosmic Prometheus rising out of the long nightmare of domesticated primate history.
    Robert Anton Wilson

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