What is another word for refocus?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪfˈə͡ʊkəs] (IPA)

Refocus is the act of redirecting one's attention towards a particular task or goal. Synonyms for refocus include recenter, redirect, reorient, reposition, redirect, readjust, and refix. These words convey the message of changing the focus or direction of one's thoughts or actions. Sometimes, when we lose sight of the goal or get distracted, refocusing becomes necessary. By using synonyms for refocus, we can broaden our vocabulary and communicate more effectively. Refocusing may require internal introspection or external stimuli to rebalance our motivation and concentration. Regardless of the method used, refocusing is an integral part of achieving success and productivity.

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Usage examples for Refocus

Some writers had to refocus the instrument and look at reality again.
Henry Seidel Canby

Famous quotes with Refocus

  • It would be nice to redefine ourselves - at the moment we are drowning in diversity. That's not a bad thing, its just going to take a while before we refocus.
    Harvey Fierstein
  • Our purpose clarifies our goals; Challenges refocus new opportunities.
    Bob Reish
  • He tried to refocus his eyes to get another look at the face of this being, who by gestures alone had said to him: I do not need your first Sacrament, Man, but I am worthy to convey to you this Sacrament of Life. Now he knew what she was, and he sobbed faintly when he could not again force his eyes to focus on those cool, green, and untroubled eyes of one born free.
    Walter M. Miller

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