What is another word for ensconce?

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[ ɛnskˈɒns], [ ɛnskˈɒns], [ ɛ_n_s_k_ˈɒ_n_s]

Ensconce is a verb that means to settle securely or comfortably in a place. Some synonyms for this word are nestle, settle, install, establish, entrench, lodge, plant, station, and domiciliate. Nestle refers to settling in a cozy or snug manner, while settle implies a sense of permanence or stability. Install and establish both involve setting up or organizing oneself in a particular location. Entrench is similar to establish, but it implies a sense of being deeply rooted or firmly entrenched. Lodge and domiciliate suggest making a home in a particular place. Station refers to positioning oneself somewhere, while plant can mean to firmly establish or to place something as a seed for future growth.

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How to use "Ensconce" in context?

The word "ensconce" derives from the French "ensencher," which means "to Discover or uncover." To ensconce someone or something means to place them or it in a secure or protected position. To ensconce oneself or one's causes means to surround oneself with support and allies.

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