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Rounders is a popular game that has its roots in England and has gained popularity over the years. The game is also known by different names in different regions, with synonyms ranging from simple and straightforward names such as 'stick ball,' 'kill ball' and 'baseball' to more colorful and descriptive names such as 'one o'cat,' 'four corners,' and 'poison ball.' Although the name may differ, the essence of the game remains the same - players bat and field, with the aim of scoring runs by running around the bases before being tagged out by the opposing team. No matter what it is called, rounders remains a fun and exciting game enjoyed by many.

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    How to use "Rounders" in context?

    When people hear the word "rounders," they might think of old-fashioned baseball games played on a field with a large rubber ball and wooden bats. Rounders, however, is a much wider term that refers to a variety of sports that involve a ball and a playing field.

    Rounders, which is usually translated as "rounders" or "rounders lawn," is a lawn game that was once very popular in England. It involves two teams of eleven players each trying to get a round, colored ball into the other team's goal.

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