What is another word for degenerate?

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Degenerate refers to something that has lost its original qualities or has become immoral or corrupt in nature. Some synonyms for the word degenerate include decayed, deteriorated, degraded, corrupt, depraved, flawed, immoral, and perverted. These words share a similar meaning with degenerate in that they all signify a downward spiral or a deviation from acceptable standards of behavior or quality. Degenerate can also be used as a noun to describe a person who is seen as morally corrupt or who has fallen from grace. In summary, using synonyms for degenerate can help to add variety and nuance to writing and conversation by providing alternative words to express similar, yet distinct meanings.

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    Degenerate is an adjective that describes something or someone that has declined in quality or morals. Antonyms for degenerate include wholesome, virtuous, respectable, refined, and civilized. Wholesome refers to something that is pure, healthy, and morally sound while virtuous describes a person who is righteous and upholds high moral and ethical standards. Respectable refers to something being socially acceptable and refined describes a person or thing that is cultivated, polished, and elegant. Finally, civilized refers to a society that has advanced and evolved to the point of being cultured, educated, and orderly. All of these antonyms present a positive, optimistic approach to life, and are a breath of fresh air compared to the negativity associated with degeneracy.

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    Usage examples for Degenerate

    The whole situation needed the most careful management lest it should degenerate into some degrading and disturbing exhibition such as the scene, which he could never think of without shame, upon the heath among the dead leaves.
    "Night and Day"
    Virginia Woolf
    It is said that American conversation among men tends to degenerate into a mere exchange of anecdotes.
    "America To-day, Observations and Reflections"
    William Archer
    This dangerous good, this necessary evil, supports the female character; without it, the brightest part of the creation would degenerate.
    "An History of Birmingham (1783)"
    William Hutton

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