What is another word for culprit?

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The word "culprit" refers to a person responsible for a wrongdoing or a crime. Some of the synonyms for the term include offender, perpetrator, suspect, guilty party, wrongdoer, malefactor, criminal, and felon. Each of these words points to someone who has committed a violation, and highlights the fact that they are accountable for their actions. The use of these synonyms is often determined by the severity of the violation, the level of responsibility, and the context in which the crime or wrongdoing takes place. Understanding these nuances can help us to communicate more effectively and to construct a more accurate picture of the events at hand.

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How to use "Culprit" in context?

When examining a crime, it is always important to know who is responsible. This is why detectives and investigators are often called "culprits." A culprit is someone who is responsible for a crime.

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