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The word "sinner" can be equated to other words that carry similar or related meanings. One synonym for "sinner" is "transgressor," which refers to one who violates a law, command, or moral standard. Another synonym is "wrongdoer," which describes someone who commits an unlawful or immoral act. Similarly, "offender" is a term that denotes an individual who has violated a rule or code of conduct. In addition, "culprit" is a synonym for "sinner" which signifies someone responsible for a wrongdoing or crime. Other synonyms of "sinner" include "delinquent," "malefactor," "evil-doer," and "reprobate." Despite the different terms used, the fundamental theme of guilt and wrongdoing is constant in the various synonyms for "sinner".

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The antonyms for the word "sinner" are numerous, and they are associated with virtues rather than vices. Some of the antonyms include righteous, good, virtuous, exemplary, and honorable. A righteous person is one who is morally upright and just. A good person exhibits kindness, generosity, and ethical behavior. A virtuous person has high moral standards and is honest and not easily tempted by wrongdoing. An exemplary person is a role model for others, exhibiting admirable qualities that inspire others to follow. An honorable person exhibits integrity, honesty, and moral courage. These antonyms highlight the positive attributes of individuals who live according to moral and ethical values, and they serve as a reminder of the importance of living an upright and dignified life.

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Usage examples for Sinner

Not by instruction, not by example, but by being sacrificed; by standing in the room of the sinner and suffering instead of him.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
But others said, How can a man that is a sinner do such signs?
"The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I"
Marcus Dods
She was not the crying sort, but she cried, just the same-heartbrokenly, her head against his shoulder, as if she herself were the sinner.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower

Famous quotes with Sinner

  • God is not glorified in any transaction upon earth so much as in the conversion of a sinner.
    Archibald Alexander
  • None can less afford to delay than the aged sinner. Now is the time. Now or never. You have, as it were, one foot already in the grave. Your opportunities will soon be over. Strive, then, I entreat you, to enter in at the strait gate.
    Archibald Alexander
  • They may call me a sinner, but I am at peace with myself.
    Brigitte Bardot
  • There is no sinner like a young saint.
    Aphra Behn
  • Saint: A dead sinner revised and edited.
    Ambrose Bierce

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