What is another word for rumormonger?

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[ ɹˈuːmɔːmˌɒŋə], [ ɹˈuːmɔːmˌɒŋə], [ ɹ_ˈuː_m_ɔː_m_ˌɒ_ŋ_ə]

Rumormonger refers to someone who spreads rumors or gossip to create a sense of chaos or discomfort. While there are many words that might relate to this description, some synonyms include tattler, blabbermouth, gossip, talebearer, and scandalmonger. These words all convey a sense of someone who talks incessantly about other people's business, often revealing things that are meant to be kept private. Some other synonyms for rumormonger include busybody, blab, yenta, and scandalmonger. While these words may be used in different contexts, they all describe someone who takes pleasure in revealing secrets or rumors about others for the sake of attention or power.

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