What is another word for tattle?

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[ tˈatə͡l], [ tˈatə‍l], [ t_ˈa_t_əl]

Related words: tattletale, tattle tale, tattle on, tattle to

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    Synonyms for Tattle:

    How to use "Tattle" in context?

    Tattle is defined as a person who tells tales about others. The word is most closely related to the verb tattletale, meaning to brag or to spread tales about a person or thing. The definition may also refer to someone who passes information on to others, especially in a way that is malicious or harmful. There are a number of different types of tales that can be tattle related: gossip, rumors, and stories about personal matters.

    The verb to tattletale usually connotes a negative sense, referring to someone who is malicious in their tendency to spread gossip.

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