What is another word for scoffs at?

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[ skˈɒfs at], [ skˈɒfs at], [ s_k_ˈɒ_f_s a_t]

When it comes to expressing disdain towards something or someone, there are many other ways to say "scoffs at." Some synonyms for scoffing could include mocking, ridiculing, deriding, belittling, jeering, taunting, or sneering. Other similar expressions include dismissing, discrediting, or disregarding. If you need to convey a more subtle form of disrespect, you could use words like snickering, smirking, or rolling your eyes. While all of these words convey a similar sentiment of contempt, they each have slightly different connotations and could be used in different contexts depending on the situation and the tone you wish to convey.

Synonyms for Scoffs at:

How to use "Scoffs at" in context?

If someone scoffs at you (or if you scowl at yourself), it means that you don't believe what they're saying or that you don't agree with them. If someone scoffs at you, it's likely because you're saying or doing something that they don't find funny.

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