What is another word for remember?

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Remembering is an important part of our daily lives. It helps us recall important information and makes us more confident in decision-making. However, using the same word repeatedly can be boring. Here are some synonyms for "remember": recollect, reminisce, retain, recall, recognize, mind, memorize, store, cherish, and retain. All of these words share the same essence of keeping something in memory, but offer a fresh way of expressing it. For instance, "cherish" implies valuing a memory while "recognize" implies identifying something from memory. Using different synonyms for "remember" can add variety and depth to your communication.

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Antonyms of the word "remember" can be interpreted as the opposite of memory or recollection. Forget, neglect, overlook, and ignore are some antonyms of remember that denote various degrees of the absence of remembering. Forget suggests a total loss of memory or lack of recall. Neglect refers to a lack of attention or care, as in forgetting to pay a bill or skipping an appointment. Overlook implies not noticing something, while ignore often involves a deliberate choice to disregard or not pay attention to something. These antonyms of remember provide a range of alternatives when one wants to communicate the opposite of remembering information or events.

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