What is another word for exaggerate?

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Exaggerate is a verb that means to overstate or embellish something beyond its actual extent or importance. There are many synonyms for exaggerate such as overemphasize, magnify, inflate, overestimate, dramatize, distort, amplify, hyperbolize, caricature, and blow out of proportion. Any of these words can convey the same idea and can be used interchangeably with the word exaggerate. These synonyms are useful when someone wants to describe how someone else is overstating or overemphasizing something. They also help in making written work more varied and exciting by conveying the same idea in different ways.

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    When someone exaggerates, they are making a fact or event seem more significant or extreme than it actually is. They may exaggerate the size of an object, the intensity of a certain feeling, or the number of times something has happened. Exaggeration can be unintentional or deliberate, but it is often associated with falsehoods or exaggerations for entertainment or emotional gain.

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