What is another word for second-sighted?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛkəndsˈa͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Second-sighted is a unique word that describes an individual who possesses the ability to see into the future, also known as clairvoyance. However, there are several other synonyms for this term, including prescient, prophetic, psychic, and extra-sensory. These words are often used interchangeably to describe someone with the ability to foretell future events or have an intuitive understanding of things that cannot be explained through normal senses. While the word second-sighted may not be used frequently in modern language, it remains an essential concept in literature, mythology, and paranormal research. These synonyms help us describe these unique individuals with mystical abilities.

What are the hypernyms for Second-sighted?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for second-sighted?

Second-sighted refers to having the ability to see into the future or to be able to perceive things beyond the realm of physical senses. The word is often used to describe a psychic or someone with supernatural powers. Antonyms for the term second-sighted include short-sighted, myopic, and nearsighted. These words connote a restriction in a person's ability to see or perceive things beyond their immediate surroundings. Another antonym for the term is unimaginative, implying a lack of creativity or ability to envision things beyond the immediate present. All these antonyms emphasize limitations to a person's ability to perceive or imagine things beyond the narrow confines of their current circumstance.

What are the antonyms for Second-sighted?

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